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green tea diet pillsChina is the birthplace of green tea, where the extract has been long used as a supplement to lose weight, among many other purposes. The FDA does not regulate green tea as a supplement, which will be an important component in the discussion of green tea’s benefits and risks later on in the article.

Green tea has so many benefits and is so widely recognized by the masses, even the major mainstream soft drink companies often come up with green tea varieties of their concoctions. Even the alternative and organic drink manufacturers supplement their recipes with green tea.

With every great resource, there are always some drawbacks. As a dietary supplement, some risks have surfaced that are being explored by the scientific community through research studies. In essence, scientists are studying the veracity of the miracle claims of green tea enthusiasts and supplement makers.

The Benefits

The benefits are undeniable though one of the first issues for many people is its caffeine content. It does contain caffeine, which is notable because other herbal teas typically do not have caffeine. On the other hand, for overly devoted coffee drinkers who are attempting to gain more than a morning jolt, green tea contains less caffeine than a cup of coffee.

The presence of caffeine is typically believed to be the reason that green tea supplement is such a boon for burning body fat and calories. The benefits go on from there though.

Green tea is also thought to contain an antioxidant, which means that some component in the tea binds with free radicals. Free radicals are thought to be parts of cells that break free and can pose the potential to cause the cell mutations that cause cancer. This is the reason that this supplement is considered a good supplement to prevent the formation of cancer in the first place.

It is also worth noting that studies have proven that people who intake green tea while undergoing cancer treatment have a better chance of winning the battle against cancer.

It does also have its place against arthritis too. Also, it even works to detoxify the body, while keeping the circulation and immune systems in good working order, may help balance cholesterol levels too.

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